Do I need to make a reservation ahead of time?

Yes!  Space is limited in the classes, so you must reserve your space ahead of time.  Classes are $150 per person, plus a $4 processing fee. View our upcoming classes and sign up now!

What happens if I have to cancel and can’t make it?

I have a one-week (7 day) cancellation policy, and as I’m running this as a one-man show, I cannot afford to have no-shows (like in the restaurant world). Think of it as though it’s a concert ticket! There’s always Craigslist, eBay, or give it away to a friend you owe a favor to…

How long does the cooking class last?

The classes start at 7 PM and usually last until 9:30 or 10:00pm.

Will we know ahead of time what types of food we will be cooking that night?

Only if your name is mother nature! I will be working weekly with local fishermen and farmers to source the food for my classes. We will prepare, cook, and dine on what’s fun and sexy that day. Please mention any allergies when making your reservation.

Do I need to bring anything to the class?

Normally no. But if you have special knives (or other tools) to use in class that’s fine. It’s a very casual atmosphere, but keep in mind we will be searing, sautéing and in and out of the oven is a lot. I recommend wearing long sleeve shirts that you don’t really care much about in case of simple grease splatters, and so no one gets battle scars. And no, I’m not paying to launder your dress if you get it dirty!

I see that wine is included with the evening. Does that mean we get to drink as much as we want?

Wine and 10 people with sharp knives don’t go well together, so we will be tasting half pours of a sparkling, a white, and a red wine as we taste the dishes we’ve prepared together. And no! You can’t bring your own wine.