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IN THE KITCHEN with chef bob waggoner

join chef bob in his downtown charleston showcase kitchen, where you will cook and laugh alongside him to prepare and enjoy a seasonal tasting menu inspired by the many farmers, fisherman, and artisans of the lowcountry.


whatever your experience level, in these cooking classes chef bob will teach you the tips and techniques to help you build your confidence in the kitchen.  there will be no pressure, no recipes, or even dishes to wash at the end of the night!  just a fun and truly unique dinner party experience with every detail carefully crafted by chef bob himself.

In the Kitchen with Chef Bob Waggoner is proud to partner with Premier Tours & Travel to create exclusive, bespoke culinary itineraries to ensure a premier experience of a lifetime.

From Provence, France and Tuscany, Italy in Europe to Chile and Argentina in South America, we are working to design tours that allow Chef Bob to lead you on adventures to expand your culinary and travel horizons.

certificate of EXCELLENCE
for classes and workshops in Charleston, SC
by Trip Advisor!

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